First Three Months - Building Up Speed

Very Happy Tiny Rebel BTS.jpg

It’s been just over three months since launching this page and doubling down on this acting career of mine, so it’s time for a little state of play update:

Wow, it’s been busy!

I’ve been working quite a bit to secure projects and acquire some good show reel material. To that end, I’ve been working with low-budget and student filmmakers. So far, I’ve worked on six different projects, which have been a mix of voice and screen acting jobs. These are (from the most recent):

- ‘Project Clarity’ (Short Film) by Josh Collins & Emry Williams
- ‘Very Happy’ (Short Film) by Osian Andrews
- ‘Vortiger’ (Short Film) by Ciaran Hiscox & Jeff Corney
- ‘Not On My Watch’ (Overwatch Fan Animation) by Sophie Rawlings
- ‘Never Give Up’ (Short Film) by Zak Owens
- ‘Winter’ (Halo Fan Animation) by David Horne

Alongside, a few monologue pieces that I hope to do, I’m well on the way to having a starter showreel.

On the social media front, I’ve been creating new accounts on the major social media platforms to serve alongside my personal site. I’d debated just using my existing accounts but decided I wanted a little more focus with what I was publishing. I want to create a more consistent brand for myself essentially, and will be working towards that goal.

I’m also still training as well, continuing performance classes at LARCA Workshops with Ross o’ Hennessy but also taking up some lessons with Peter Wooldridge at ‘The Workshop’. Also did some Improv with improv maestro Nathan Keates when he stopped into Cardiff for a weekend workshop. Unfortunately, martial arts training has taken somewhat of a hit as I haven’t been able to attend my weekly Kendo sessions. That said, managed to work in a Flashing Blades Stunt Training session with Rick Manning, and we worked on medieval weapons, so a different kind of martial training was achieved there.

Some stuff to work on though. Accents! A bit of feedback I’ve had has been playing on my mind and that is to get more local work I’m going to have to sound more local. Now, I can do a bit of British RP but it’s not perfect and I do feel somewhat self-conscious when breaking it out so going to need to shore that up a bit more. Luckily, that ties into the voiceover work I’m planning to do in coming months and with any luck I can finally get the VO section of my website up and running.

Now that all the media groundwork has been laid, I’ll likely increase the amount of postings and updates that I do. So I’ll be back on here soon!

Until then!

~ Robin