StarNow "Pro" Status

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I’ve been on the StarNow platform for around a year now and have just made “Pro” Status!

For a little bit more background on that, StarNow is a platform that connects actors, models, musicians to media producers. Essentially a media production jobs board. At basic, users are ranked based on activity, and there are a couple of upgrade options to enhance the user experience.

Unlike the UKs Spotlight, anybody can join this platform just by signing up and paying a registration fee. But in order to highlight the most active and focused of performers on the platform, StarNow offers a “Pro” status tag to the users that prove themselves to be talented and committed performers. You can request that your profile is reviewed by StarNow staffers to see if you are eligible for “Pro” status and once you meet the platforms criteria as a “professional” you will be awarded the “Pro” stamp.

StarNow on the Pro status:

StarNow Pro status is given to our most active members, who are industry professionals. Members cannot pay for StarNow Pro - it has to be earned, and is available to subscribers only.

Aside from being a little bit of a pat on the back, the status comes with some benefits. Essentially, it highlights your applications for jobs and pushes them towards the front of the queue so as to be more noticeable to employers. Potential employers will therefore be inclined pick a candidate with “Pro” status as it should suggest talent and reliability.

So yeah, I’m now a StarNow “Pro”, and for me, it’s a bit of milestone. It means I’ve built a solid foundation and helps me to reinforce the idea that I am indeed a worthy Actor.

There is more to do before I will consider myself a working professional actor though and that is to achieve access to Spotlight and an Agent. For actors in the UK, Spotlight is still the gold standard and I have yet prove myself (though the reasons are circumstantial) worthy of access to that platform. So before the year is out, there’s still more to do.

Next step, Spotlight!