Dipping My Toes Into Professional Voice Over

Robin VO Resize.jpg

Just this week I took a trip up to London for a bit of work and play.

I haven’t had loads of time to go and see my family so made sure to hang out with my sister and brother-in-law and goof around with with the niece and nephew. The older kid is now into the Power Rangers! I mean, wow! The Power Rangers are still a thing!? That’s a total blast from the past. Younger one though isn’t quite out of CBBC stage yet, so she happily contents herself with singing along to kids songs, whilst occasionally burbling ‘poo poo’ to herself under her breath. Very sweet.

As a freelancer, it can be really difficult for me to unplug from the business and the ever-present fear and anxiety of being out of work. So, it’s really important for me to be able to escape every so often and just see family.

That said, I still got some career development in on this trip. Guess there’s no escaping work.

I had recently approached the good folks at Crying Out Loud productions in London to help create a Voice Over Demoreel. A lot of the big VO agencies tend to ask for a reel when judging new talent and I needed one. That got recorded this past Wednesday!

In all honesty, all of the voice over work I’ve done up until now has been on small scale and self-produced. Recording with Simon Cryer and Marina Calderone with a professional set-up and voice direction was on a complete other level. It was a whole new experience and I wasn’t totally prepared for it. Luckily, the team was really professional and helped me to fumble through the entire process. I’m feeling really positive about the end-product and can’t wait to give it a listen!

Voice work is a totally different ball game from the normal screen and stage work I’ve been trained for however. It’s going to take some getting used to and in order to help me get settled I’ve also started taking voice coaching classes with Emma Steven-Johnson, a coach who teaches at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. I’ll also be looking at some voice gigs for experience to help build up some confidence and get myself more centred.

So, outlook is positive. Fingers crossed. Boots secured and straps pulled.

“There ain't no gettin' offa this train we're on, till we get to the end of the line!”